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Prices / Papers

Pricing is based on the size of the paper it's printed on.  You can specify any image size in the ordering process.  We can place multiple images on a single sheet.  Feel free to ask for a quote when ordering smaller sizes or larger quantities.  

Exhibition Fiber Paper - 8.5x11” - $6  /  13x19” - $15  /  17x22” - $25

The look and feel of traditional darkroom fiber paper.  Especially great for black and white photography, this paper's fiber base has a rich surface, a continuous tone and soft gloss that are ideal for creating stunning color or neutral black-and-white prints. Archival quality. (Epson Exhibition Fiber)


Cold Press Bright Paper - 8.5x11” - $6  /  13x19” - $15  /  17x22” - $25

Great for art reproductions, this paper's thick fiber base has a bright white, textured surface. 100% cotton rag. Archival quality. (Epson Cold Press Bright)


Luster Photo Paper - 8.5x11” - $4  /  13x19” - $10  /  17x22” - $15

A classic photographic feel with a plastic base.  This paper delivers highly detailed prints by offering maximum ink coverage and solid blacks for true photographic reproductions.  Archival quality. (Epson Premium Photo Paper Luster)


Basic Matte Paper  - 8.5x11” - $4  /  13x19” - $8  /  17x22" - $15

A smooth matte, fiber surface.  This paper yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail. (Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte)

Print Sample Pack - $4

We'll mail you a sample image printed on all 4 of our papers so you can see in person which paper choice is right for you.

Shipping & Handling Rates

free local delivery to any Louisville location inside I-264.  Otherwise...

$3 for packages up to 8.5x11" prints

$6 for packages up to 13x19" prints

$10 for packages up to 17x22" prints